AWS Cloud Services

Emet (E&M Computing) is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) re-seller. MidLink is the division within Emet that focuses on public cloud services.

As an AWS re-seller we are obligated to offer additional value to our customers. Here are a few of the benefit our customers enjoy:

Every account is reviewed periodically by an architect to look for cost savings and security concerns.
Free access to aws4less to allow constant cost monitoring of your account. AWS4LESS also facilitates implementing and enforcing a cost saving operational methodology.

You also get discounted access to our services:

R&D services

Anything from specific problem solving to full system development. We work with Spark, Scala, Java, Python and PHP.  We often do architecture consulting and design and then continue to infrastructure implementation and integration. We can develop part of your system or all of it.


Our DevOps services can be used to over flow from your DevOps team or to serve as a complete onsite or off-site DevOps team. We provide DevOps for every AWS technology. SLAs are available. NOC services are also available.
For example, we provide DBA services for . These include anything from installation and day to day maintenance  to  performance optimization. We support every RDS database whether on RDS or just running on EC2 instances. We also support RedShift, Athena Hive and Impala.


Our training services span both OJT & in class rooms.

We focus on two areas. Big Data & cost saving.

Big Data

Big Data is our sweet spot. Working with various Big Data technologies since 2008 gives us the advantage of experience. Staying up to date with Big Data innovation gives us the advantage of knowledge. We architect, develop, deploy and maintain huge Big Data systems. Employing multiple technologies we tailor the solution to your use cases, needs and budget. We can also help you harvest the value from your data using Machine Learning and various BI tools.