ParAccel powers Amazon Reshift

We have been wondering for a while now what is Amazon doing with its investment in ParAccel. We recently found out. Amazon is offering a new Petabyte DWH service base on ParAccel. It's called Resshift.

To learn more about Redshift go to Redshift

This announcement makes a ton of sense to us. ParAccel has been leading the columnar technology race for a while now. Amazon also has an interest in PADB for a while. Unlike other big names, that own Columnar and BigData products, Amazon does not have a direct channel to enterprise IT. If you are a CIO you are very unlikely to see an Amzon sales person trying to pitch you on ParAccel. However, Amazon does have the best cloud offering in world. Integrating ParAccel into their AWS (Amazon Web Services) will most likely put put ParAccel's technology in arms reach for many CIOs.

The sheer size of what Amazon is offering speaks volumes toward ParAccel's ability to scale. This will also be a great boost to PADB's roadmap as more and more organizations will find new creative ways to use it.

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