Big Data Thought Innovation

In 2008 MidLink’s management identified new needs for better performing infrastructures. We have then ventured into what is now called the BigData world, identifying the technologies that would become tomorrow's IT hotspots.
MidLink is one of the leading companies in the field of BigData product reselling, implementation, consulting and training.

Our offering contains:

  • BigData development and consulting services:
    We provide professional services in every big data vertical:
    Relational DBs, No-SQL DBs, RealTime technologies, Hadoop, Machine learning and BI.
    In AWS we are experts in:
    Athena, Amazon EMR, Elasticsearch Service, Redshift, Aurora, Kinesis, QuickSight, Glue and many more.
    Please visit our AWS partner page for more information.
  • BigData & Analytics courses and hands-on training:
    We offer BigData training services. Our courses span from introduction to BigData to advanced deep dive hands-on courses.
    Our trainers are all very experienced in the technologies they lecture on. All of them have hands on experiences and are leading seminars at conventions in Israel and worldwide.
    We also have a certified AWS BigData instructor.
  • Join our meetup:
    One of our ways to educate people on the AWS BigData echo system is by having quarterly meetups in which we give special attention to BigData technologies.
    Here is a link to one of our meetups. Here is a link to a presentation regarding AWS Aurora and data stores we've presented and discussed in the event.
    You're welcome to register to our meetup group here.

Big Data use cases:

Please read the following use cases to learn more about out work.


Case Study - Hiro-Media

ControlUp (Smart-X)

Case Study - ControlUp (Smart-X)