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Datameer annouces version 4.0. Here's where you watch the highlights:

Datameer is the worlds simpliest platform for Big Data Analytics. Datameer provides a single platform for Integration, analysis and visualisation of Big Data and is the only BI application architectured for Hadoop from the ground up.

Basicly its a single application where you can integrate, analyze, and visualize any data and gain insights, regardless of where it came from or how much Data you have.

Watch this four minutes video for the best explanation on what Datameer is

Datameer provides robust, enterprise grade data management capabilities. Easy to setup (no programming) with flexible integration points to manage data flow dependencies

Datameer is ideal as the general purpose data hub for an organization. Datameer includes a wide set of data connectors to import as well as export data and uses the full power of the underlaying server or cluster environment including distributing the loading process to reach terabyte/second throughput. Datameer provides a fine grain configuration of scheduling and trotting to make sure data loading does not max out data sources. Concepts like publish/subscribe are easy to implement and monitor.

Integrate, Analyze, Visualize

Datameer pioneered point and click big data integration, analytics and visualization. Previously you needed a three step process for data analytics involving three different vendors, three teams of experts, and three different technologies. Datameer simplifies this complex environment into a single application on top of the powerful Hadoop platform.

Rapid Data Integration

Getting your data into Datameer is as simple as uploading a file, or choosing a data source from a drop-down list of over 40 different sources we support. No ETL - Data is the raw materials of insight and the more data you have, the deeper and broader the possible insights. Not just traditional, transaction data but all types of data so that you can get a complete view of your customers, better understand business processes and improve business performance. Datameer ignores the limitations of ETL and static schemas to empower business users to integrate data from any source into Hadoop. Pre-built data connector wizards for all common structured and unstructured data sources means that data integration is an easy, three step process of where, what and when.

Analytics and Transformation with a spreadsheet-like interface

Analyzing your data is made easy with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, and you can simply point-and-click your way through the different analysis steps you need until you have the results you are looking for. Datameer provides the most complete solution to analyze structured and unstructured data. Not limited by a pre-built schema, the point and click functions means your analytics are only limited by your imagination. Even the most complex nested joins of a large number of datasets can be performed using an interactive dialog. Mix and match analytics and data transformations in unlimited number of data processing pipelines. Leave the raw data untouched.

Visualization - Graphs, Maps, Tables, Shapes

Datameer’s extensive library of widgets includes tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and tag clouds which enables users to create simple dashboards or stunning business infographics and visualizations. The end result, data visualizations that communicate data.

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