Migrating to the AWS public cloud

Public cloud use cases:

4 Developers

Agile development requires agile provisioning of development resources. Moving your development and test environments to the cloud will allow you to:
Provision additional environments in minutes with a few clicks in the console.
Terminate environments when you are done.
Remove limitations of HW availability while saving money on your dev envs.

4 BI

BigData means big system
AWS provides the size and multiple managed big data technologies like EMR (Hadoop), RedShift (Columnar DB), Athena (limitless DB as a Service).

4 DR

Full DR off shore with extremely low cost when not active
Scale up to a full system in minutes and start working

4 Infra

Overflow to the cloud when missing computing or storage capacity.
Shrink down when not required.
Pay as you go for applications you rarely use.
Great for technology PoCs.

4 Archive

Secondary storage to S3 or Glacier
Offshore, encrypted, inexpensive
Easy integration!

4 Marketing

DMP Data Management PlatformMarketing data that is generated outside of the organization does not have to reside inside.
Bring data from Facebook, Google Analytics etc into your DMP in the cloud.

Cloud sales points

Elasticity in computing power and storage capacity.
Quick provisioning – get a working system the day your budget is approved.
Pay as you go – reduce upfront commitment and cost in general
Complex technologies managed – SaaS.

Why MidLink from the Emet group?

We are very familiar with your existing infra structure
We are experts in the cloud
We will make the transition smart (only what makes sense) and smooth.