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BigData simplified

ParAccel is a software only columnar BigData database that is both Fast & Simple.

ParAccel is designed to handle complex BI tasks with extreme speed in an quickly changing business environment.

The ParAccel Analytic Platform speeds the journey toward analytic value, streamlines the delivery of analytic answers, and tackles the full breadth of complex business decisions.

At the heart of our analytic platform is a high performance analytic database, designed from the ground up for speed. The database is surrounded with an extensibility framework that imbeds 502 analytic functions and supports on-demand integration of a variety of data and analytic results, right at the point of execution.

MPP, Columnar, Compressed, Simple

The base is MPP - Massively Parallel Processing. MPP provides the ability to execute and to scale. This allows ParAccel to leverage commodity hardware to perform extreme computing tasks. Columnar provides the efficiency required for BI queries to execute rapidly on spindle disks based systems. Compression enhances the ability to store data and speeds up reads and writes. Simplicity rules it all. Simple to load, simple to query, simple to manage.

MPP - Massively Parallel Processing

MPP refers to the usage of multiple processors spread over many "commodity hardware" machines to perform computing tasks in parallel. A good distribution of the tasks performed and coordination of the results can result in amazing throughput.


A columnar database is a database that stores its values on disk one column at a time, as opposed to one row at a time. Here is a more detailed explanation of columnar databases


Compressing or encoding a columnar database is a great idea. Since column data is usually very homogeneous, compression rates are way better than what we see in traditional row based databases. Compression improves I/O and thus improves query performance.


Simplicity of integration, management, loading, backing up, and querying is one of ParAccel's strongest features. This simplicity allows customers to load their data and go! This reduces time to market.

Advantages: In Memory, Optimizer, Internal or external storage...

ParAccel can be run completely in-memory which allows even greater speed for smaller database. A mixture of in-memory and on disk can be used to optimize different use cases.

The ParAccel query optimizer is a state of the art algorithm which gives ParAccel an edge over all other columnar databases that require pre-ordering of data to perform.

ParAccel can use both internal and external storage to store the data, allowing customers to leverage their existing investment in storage.

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