Redshift performance optimization in a few days!

Beleive it or not we have been doing this since before Redshift was announced. Optimizing ParAccel, the technology behind Redshift which gives us great insight into Redshift. We have worked with many Redshift customers from all verticals and have optimized their database.

We are now offering a unique ten days session that will optimize your Redshift performance and usage.

The session includes:

1. Review the current implementation and database schema. Suggest and implement changes.
2. Review the distribution style and sort keys of all columns and implement an efficient startegy.
3. Review encoding. Run analyze compression and compare with the frequent queries. Implement an application aware encoding for each column.
4. Review and update column sizing.
5. Redesign database opreations to reduce updates and deletes and to take advantage of S3 for rarely accessed data.
6. Enhance performance with partitions and views.
7. Devise a vacuum startegy that works for your application.
8. Improve individual query performance by improving the the query execution.
9. Review the server selection and configuration and adjust to the new deployment and the required uptime.

After the session your Redshift will perform better and your operation will be smoother and usually less expensive. Last but not leaset you will have the knowledge and understanding to do it again next time. Sessions can be done both on site and remotely. The session takes between three and ten days

contact us today to learn more.