Midlink is your partner in data eco-cloud systems. We offer cloud service management for your cloud reselling business that will change the way that you use cloud services. zz

Midlink has been working in the field of Data Platform and Machine Learning (ML) for over 6 years, specializing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), data management and cloud computing applications.

Since 2018, the company has tightened its relationship with Amazon’s cloud services and completed a prestigious Big Data & Analytics Certification: the AWS Data & Analytics Competency. Midlink is the first and only company in Israel with this certification.

This significant advantage joins a long line of capabilities for improved technologies and organizational tools. Through CloudLink’s Data-Driven Review-managed service, Midlink provides free service for all its customers, with full Amazon funding, to provide insight into existing data management before deciding on dedicated cloud services and architectural planning; we have unique practices for collecting, storing, managing and analyzing data on any scale, to examine the relevant user cases. This can significantly reduce costs and streamline processes to ultimately increase the line of profit for your organization.

Lately, we have added a new CloudHealth by VMware platform-based service. It will be the primary accessed platform for FinOps for control, billing, cloud service optimization, cost reduction, and cloud consumption reports. It will also enable purchasing cloud services in a simpler and easier way. We provide a free monthly or quarterly Account Review, tailored to the client’s needs. This periodic survey provides the client with information to improve the architecture and reduce costs. It also gives information security recommendations and enhancements, for any environment or account.

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BigData and ML professional services

CloudHealth by VMware


CloudLink Data-Driven Review

Periodic Account Review

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