Microsoft AZURE

MidLink by E&M is an official Direct Azure CSP Silver.
We assist companies to migrate, deploy, maintain and optimize their Azure cloud environments.

Among our team you can find certified Azure DevOps and BigData professionals.

Official Azure CSP

The Framework provides a consistent approach for customers to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that will scale over time.

MidLink by E&M is an official Microsoft Partner.


Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Make Midlink your CSP and enjoy improved billing. Our tools and methodologies will help you avoid wasting money on unused or underutilized resources and services.

Optimization and Cost Reduction services

Optimization begins at the planning stage of your workload deployment or migration.

We will assist you with intelligent planning, including detailed TCO reports, project SOW documentation and ROI times.
If your AWS environment is already up and running, you will find a lot of added value in our Periodic Account Review, performed by our DevOps and FinOps teams, focused on:
(1) Security improvement (2) High Availability and Performance Optimization and (3) Cost reduction.
We also enhance your cloud experience by assisting you to allocate AWS credits, provided upon AWS approval for new workloads, new environments, usage of new AWS solutions and eligible startups.

CloudHealth – Multi Cloud Platform

On top of our fully managed AWS solution, our clients enjoy full access to the Cloud Health platform. With CloudHealth, companies can analyze and manage their cloud cost, usage, security, and governance in one place.

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