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In recent years, customer demand for cloud operations has grown tremendously.
With years of experience in optimization and cost reduction, as well as professional services in DevOps, BigData, and Machine-Learning, MidLink is a leading partner and re-seller of AWS cloud.

We develop tools and methodologies to help you improve the performance of your cloud resources and reduce costs.

Advanced AWS partner

Since 2008, MidLink by E&M has been an advanced AWS partner, as well as commercial and public sector authorized reseller.

Our AWS certified team offers fully managed AWS solutions, consolidated billing, optimization services, cost reduction and specialty services in BigData and ML, backed by its in-depth knowledge and vast experience in AWS cloud.


Enjoy improved consolidated billing, and avoid wasted funds and unused resources and services. We are very cost-minded, reducing cloud costs for our clients to the very minimum.

Optimization and Cost Reduction services

Our moto is – "Focus on growing your business, let us worry about your cloud!" Optimization begins at the planning stage of your workload deployment or migration.

We will assist you with intelligent planning, including detailed TCO reports, project SOW documentation and ROI times.
If your AWS environment is already up and running, you will find a lot of added value in our Periodic Account Review, performed by our DevOps and FinOps teams, focused on:

1. Security improvement

2. High Availability and      Performance Optimization

3. Cost reduction

We also enhance your cloud experience by assisting you to allocate AWS credits, provided upon AWS approval for new workloads, new environments, usage of new AWS solutions and eligible startups.

AWS Data & Analytics competency

MidLink holds an official AWS Data & Analytics competency certificate, making us an authorized partner to provide consulting and professional services to enable your company to improve and deploy your data and big-data environments. Our solutions are provided by our certified AWS architects and validated by the AWS Solutions Architecture Team.

CloudHealth – Multi Cloud Platform

On top of our fully managed AWS solution, we provide full access to the Cloud Health platform for our clients. With CloudHealth, you can analyze and manage your cloud cost, usage, security, and governance in one place

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