DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps team includes certified cloud professionals

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We match the type of services to your demand, with our cloud-certified DevOps team

Ad-hoc tasks

Basic ad-hoc tasks, such as deploying an environment in the cloud, including basic security configuration and user permission settings


Assistance with CI\CD works, using technologies such as Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Airflow and more

DevOps projects

DevOps projects like changing your architecture from monolete to micro services, using solutions such as ECS, Kubernetes, Docker and more


Overflow from your DevOps team on a weekly \ monthly basis


Complete on-site or off-site DevOps team

Enhanced Solution-based SLA

We offer an enhanced Solution-based SLA for your cloud provider support, tailored for your business requirements.

Set budgets using alerts, trend analysis, tag reporting and spot instances.

Allocate Volume and Reserved Instance discounts, as well as management services, per your requirements.

Get help with your account provisioning and governance – corporate standards, compliance, security, data protection and more.

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