Midlink’s vision is to become the leader in Cloud Data-Management, which mean that we are your data eco-system partner that specializing in BigData and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cloud , Cloud Modernization and Cloud computing applications focusing on data management.

We are already aware of the current and future changes that cloud services brings within the industry around endless growing tasks every day in every technical or business level thus we want to approach you with a different cloud practices along cloud reselling that will change the way that you consume cloud services.

We believe that in order to success and grow, we must put the customer at the center all time, wrap it in powerful business and technological talents, providing you the right services that is tailored to the needs of customers all the time. In addition, our organization operates in a continuous learning model in order to be relevant and provide you an exceptional customer experience alongside technological excellence.

Midlink has been working in the field of Data Platform and Machine Learning (ML) for over 6 years with experience in dozens of big data projects. Starting in 2018, the company tightened its relationship with the Amazon cloud services and completed a prestigious Big Data & Analytics Certification – AWS Data & Analytics Competency. Midlink is the first and exclusive company in Israel to hold this certification.

This significant advantage joins a long line of capabilities that provide better appreciation for the use of technologies and tools which organizations work. Through Midlink Data-Driven Review managed service, Midlink provides this service to all customers,  with Amazon funding.

The service provides insights into existing data management before deciding on dedicated cloud services, architectural planning, examining the relevant use case through unique practices for collecting, storing, managing and analyzing the data on any scale. This can significantly reduce costs and streamline processes that increase the line of profit in organizations.

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