BigData & Analytics

Already from 2008 MidLink’s management identified new needs for better performing infrastructures. We have then ventured into what is now called the BigData/ML practise, identifying the technologies that would become tomorrow’s IT hotspots. MidLink is one of the leading companies in the field of BigData&Analytics product reselling, implementation, consulting and training. We provide professional services in every bigdata & analytics verticals: Relational DBs, No-SQL DBs, Real-time technologies, Hadoop, Machine learning and BI.

We provide professional services in every big data vertical
Real-time technologies
Machine learning and AI
Relational DBs
Our BigData expertise

Our AWS expertise includes the following:
Athena, Amazon EMR, Elasticsearch Service, Redshift, Aurora, Kinesis, QuickSight, Glue, and many more. Please visit our AWS partner page for more information.

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