DevOps & Big Data Community - session 1

We are excited to announce of “MidLink DevOps and Bigdata Technical community” Our Community is a technical group dedicated to exchanging and sharing ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

As a part of our DevOps and Bigdata Community you will:

- Enrich your technology knowledge by face2face and online sessions with our technical experts in cloud technology.

- Slake your desire for understanding new approaches for building cloud architecture.

- Get exposed to new tools and approaches to cloud technology.

- Connect to Professional Services experts in the cloud industry.

- Arise and contribute answers to technical challenges.

- Take a part in developing the community by sharing tips and tricks and invite people you believe can contribute to our community

Lidor, MidLink DevOps team leader, an expert in Kubernetes, Aws, Docker and is certified in AWS Solution Architect, shares with you on this session:

- Types of Kubernetes - which best K8s distribution goes where.

- Helm Chart Templates for easy deployment of resources on K8s by YAML file.

- Tools to manage K8s visually, such as Rancher, an open-source tool from the house of RancherLabs.

- Live Demo and discussion: Containers and infrastructure issues at scale.

If you are a DevOps, Cloud Architect, or CTO, this community is for you

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