Analytics built to help your teams solve issues faster and focus on creating value for your business.

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based machine data analytics SAAS focusing on security, operations and BI usecases. It provides log management and analytics services that leverage machine-generated big data to deliver real-time IT insights.

Real-time analytics and security insights for your apps and infrastructure:  Our cloud-native solution supports the entire spectrum of security use cases—from logging compliance data, to monitoring and securing hybrid clouds, to delivering market-leading SIEM capabilities.

Digital businesses are leveraging a new category of software, continuous intelligence (CI): real-time analytics and insights from a single, cloud-native platform across multiple use cases to speed decision-making, and drive world-class customer experiences. 

DevOps Observability:  Reduce downtime by finding, investigating, and resolving customer-impacting issues faster with real-time alerting and dashboards for all data - logs, metrics, and traces.  Deliver complete visibility for your DevOps team.